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Our static proofer allows the dough fermentation process to be carried out, by having total control of the temperature and humidity level in the chamber, in addition, it has a control panel and a Rockwell Automation screen that allows you to view all the data in time real.

Mesa de trabajo 1.png

It has a 7.5cm insulation layer that allows the external temperature to be independent from the internal one.

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It has a cooling system that allows the product to be stored overnight without continuing the fermentation.

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It has an HMI, which allows a very simple interaction with the production.

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Thanks to its control system, it can store the production batch humidity and temperature curves in a USB or on a PC according to the customer's wishes.

imagen cesar.png

We want to show you how this static proofer works. Below, you can see how the steam and controlled humidity give way to the growth of the yeast, the visualization of the process and the final result.

Cesar Larrea

Mechanical Technician

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