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Historical review

It was created in 1996 by a group of people specialized in the automation and maintenance of production processes, within an important Antioquia company in the food sector. During the first year of existence, it operated within the facilities of the company to which they belonged, being this the only client; Subsequently, and for the following two years, the offices were moved to the headquarters of the Antioquia Business Incubator, of which we are one of the first participants.

For the past 23 years, the company has operated at an independent location and currently has 14 full-time employees and a significant customer base.


About us

D.D.I. S.A.S. is a company that offers engineering solutions, especially in the area of ​​automation and control, developing and integrating electromechanical systems, with a high addition of knowledge and application of specialized software, for solutions and products of the manufacturing industry in general


To be the best option for the industry, in the areas of engineering applied to production processes, and to offer a complete solution to obtain the total satisfaction of our clients, eliminating repetitive processes that do not add value to processes and people. Consolidate as our main strength an integral human resource, professional in their work, motivated and committed in the process of continuous improvement of the company, society and the country.


Lead and strengthen the execution of automation and control projects; successfully advance in the national and international markets, position our labeling machines by 2025, supported by the quality and support of the service offered.

what do we do

Our specialty is design and assembly of automation and industrial control solutions and finished products (machines), integrating production processes, equipment for control, with high technology and specialized software for supervision, operation and acquisition of information.

Our developments allow great reliability of process information and a high level of operational security.

Quality politics

We offer timely technological solutions that meet customer requirements and contribute to their competitive development; For this we rely on the management and continuous improvement of our processes, we have a competent human potential and oriented towards research, planning and development of engineering projects.



It is the most important ethical value in DDI. It generates reliability and balance in the activities that are carried out, which must be carried out by proven people.


Give equal treatment to all employees, customers and citizens in general.


It is understanding, tolerance and appreciation of myself and others, accepting differences and above all valuing human dignity, for a better coexistence, harmony and freedom, for the sake of personal, institutional and social improvement.


Based on the principles of impartiality and publicity, aiming for the greatest possible transparency in the actions of the people who make up the company, towards the interior and towards clients and society.


Comply with the duties and obligations in an agile and timely manner, with a sense of belonging and relevance, to achieve institutional objectives and personal development.


Act with rectitude, not only abiding by the constitutional and legal norms, but also the ethical and moral principles that govern our society, aiming for the construction of a better company, a better society and a better country.


Carry out the tasks, duties and obligations in accordance with the policies, plans and programs that the company must formulate and / or execute, based on the aforementioned principles and values.


Be part of the development of the Vision and Mission of DDI through the principles, values ​​and commitments acquired.

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